DAD 141.1

Digital Amplifier + Logic IOs + Analog Output + Type Approval DIN (TS35) Rail Mount


The All-in-One DAD 141.1 is a universal device for any weighing, filling or loss-in-weight operation and for force measurements. The DAD 141.1 is a digital load cell amplifier with serial RS422/RS485, Ethernet and analog output for remote indication. The DAD 141.1 performs static or semi-dynamic measurements in hostile, industrial environments, where reliability, stability and security are of major importance.

Product highlights

  • Provides both, digital and analog data from weighing and measuring operations.
    Serial port RS422/485 and Ethernet port.
    Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP on board.
    Two programmable logic inputs and three programmable logic outputs permit remote operations.
    Set-up and calibration are extremely simple; the DAD 141.1 is designed to enable field calibration directly from known load cell sensitivities (eCal) or just by test weight(s).
    Simple to configure; straight forward set-up and calibration via the front panel keyboard or from any PC with OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 using the DOP4 software.
    Permits live range down to a few percent of the load cells rating, with virtually no zero drift.
    The LP input filter and the jump function can be set to meet most requirements for speed.
    The display, the analog current or voltage output and the full duplex interface provide for a full communication of results.

Product qualities

Type approval class III with 10 000 intervals for NAWI DELTA DK0199-R76-422. Minimum scale verification is 0.25V per increment.
Serial interface port RS422/485 with half/full duplex. The protocol is ASCII or Modbus RTU.
Ethernet interface port for:
- Ethernet TCP/IP with ASCII protocol, port 23
- Modbus TCP, binary protocol, port 502

Measurement speed is up to 600 updates per second. The device has 86 standard commands for adjustment to the application. Digital filters support static weighing and dynamic weighing like
checkweigher etc.

Analog output for PLCs:
- current 0 20mA or 4 20mA
- voltage 0 10V, 0 5V, 10V, 5V.

Isolated logic inputs for remote operations of zero, tare, peak value, average value etc.

Isolated logic outputs can be set-points, assigned to gross, net, peak value or error messages etc.

EMC performance is EN61326 according to MID E2 for industrial applications (in full accordance with 2004/22/EC).

Plastic housing for DIN rail mount (TS35), IP40.
Dimensions 120 x 105 x 22.5mm (H x L x W).

The powerful software DOP4 with graphical user interface and oscilloscope function can be used with PCs (OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10) for set-up and all kind of measurements.

All facilities are standard.

Download files

 GSD File

 DAD 141 Standard Firmware v 1.52 - Web

 DAD 141 Standard Firmware v 1.52 - No Web

 DAD 141.1 - Manual

 DAD 141.1 - Quick start manual

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