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Loadcell Digitizing Module

The model LDM 64.1 is a very precise high-speed digital amplifier for weighing and force measurements with strain gauge (SG) sensors.

The LDM 64.1 can be used in legal for trade (requires OIML R-76:2006 Part 1) as well as for industrial applications.

The LDM 64.1 features are CAN interface (supports CANopen protocol) and a full duplex RS232 interface (supports a straight- forward ASCII command set).

The LDM 64.1 and the well known LDU 78.1, both use nearly the same ASCII command set.

The LDM 64.1 with its accurate A to D converter and a sample rate of up to 1200 measurement values per second, is particularly suitable for static or dynamic measurements and control purposes.

Product highlights

  • Serial port RS232 for diagnostics and Stand alone operation.
  • CAN Interface with CanOpen.
  • Designed to communicate with the EGM187 Gateway.
  • Four programmable logic inputs and four programmable logic outputs permit remote operations.
  • Simple to configure; straight forward set-up and calibration via the front panel keyboard or from any PC with OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 using the DOP4 software.

Product qualities

Minimum scale verification is 0.20ÁV per increment.
Serial interface port RS232 with half/full duplex. The protocol is ASCII.

Measurement speed is up to 1200 updates per second. The device has 86 standard commands for adjustment to the application. Digital filters support static weighing and dynamic weighing like
checkweigher etc.

Isolated logic inputs for remote operations of zero, tare, peak value, average value etc.

Isolated logic outputs can be set-points, assigned to gross, net, peak value or error messages etc.

Plastic housing for DIN rail mount (TS35), IP40.
Dimensions 120 x 105 x 22.5mm (H x L x W).

The powerful software DOP4 with graphical user interface and oscilloscope function can be used with PCs (OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8) for set-up and all kind of measurements.

Download files

 LDM64 Manual

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